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Denver Apartments for Rent & Luxury… - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions

About Us

Blueshift is a full-service real estate firm. We mean full service when we use that term.

Imagine you pull into a gas station at the full service pump. You expect to be greeted by an attendant who asks you politely how he can help you. “Fill it up?” “May I check your oil?” He washes the windows and checks the tire pressure. He goes so far as to check your battery charge and walks around the car to confirm your headlights and taillights to confirm all of your lights are working. After a good look, he provides you feedback on anything he sees that needs attention, particularly anything that might affect your safety, comfort or the operation of the vehicle.

Now translate that to a real estate model. Your property is the equivalent of your car pulling into the gas station.

You have plenty of options about what you might do with the property. The make and model of your property is a big determiner. Is it a compact car, or a luxury model? Is it your daily ride or a collector’s car, only on the road when it’s warm and sunny?

Blueshift Real Estate Solutions can help you in whatever capacity your real estate requires. By bundling our services, we can reduce the operational cost of your property.

From the outside, it might look as if our business is only about the numbers. ROI. Profitability. Appreciation. These are words relative to the business of real estate. But our years in the business of property management has taught us that we really enjoy taking over problem situations and reshaping them to be positives for our customers.

Nothing is more rewarding than to hear from our customers that we have saved the day. Whether that’s because we’ve filled a building with tenants, made repairs within hours, negotiated leases that make property ownership profitable again, and more.

Our experts

Phillip Svoboda

Phillip Svoboda



Phillip Svoboda launched Blueshift Real Estate Solutions 9 years ago because he saw that the property management niche had needs no one else was filling. His intuitiveness about the needs and requirements involved in all aspects of property ownership and management are at the core of what Blueshift offers.

Our expertise is not limited to property management. Our offerings extend to leasing, sales, maintenance, portfolio management, and real estate consulting. The industries we serve include real estate (sales, leasing, and development), construction, and telecom.

He is the essential strategic partner with property investors looking for full service real estate solutions. His specialties are demonstrated in his relentless pursuit of efficiency, collaboration, accountability and team responsibility.

"I am a skilled project and program manager with talents focusing on management and continuous improvement of construction, real estate, and development processes," states Phillip, adding "I focus on technology and team collaboration as a means of improving efficiencies and improving perspective on the key issues affecting project success."







blueshift team Dedicated to your needs

Blueshift Real Estate Solutions has earned its solid reputation in Real Estate Management by saying clearly what we will do for you and then doing what we say. Answers to your questions may be found below. If not, we are available to take your call and discuss your specific property needs.

With rentals being in demand in Denver today, you don’t want to settle on a rate without checking it first. Blueshift reviews the rental prices for comparable properties in your neighborhood and the surrounding area. We talk to property owners and research online advertising to confirm and compare the rents advertised. We go deep into our research by asking you to provide your costs of ownership including water bills, Xcel, property insurance and your existing mortgage. All those costs add up and your rent rate should exceed those costs to make the rental experience work for you.

It’s possible that your home or condo you want to rent out needs some updates so that you can charge higher rents than the landlord down the street. We’re able to point you to subcontractors for repair estimates. We’re also able to recommend cost-effective upgrades that will set your property apart, making it more desirable to potential renters while minimizing maintenance costs.

Have you considered whether you will allow pets on your property? That means an increased deposit and today’s savvy landlords charge Pet Rent.

Blueshift is able to help you determine the rent rate that covers your costs and nets you an ROI you can rely on.

Colorado has very specific legal processes for eviction. Ignorance of these processes is not an excuse in the eyes of the law. While you may want to engage the services of an attorney to evict a tenant, Blueshift is equipped to give you the facts and guidance you’ll need to make the eviction process work in your favor.

While there are no guarantees what a judge will order if your case goes to trial, there are steps you can take prior to getting into court that can be beneficial.

One of our clients was able to get a tenant with a criminal record suspected of theft within the multi-unit building walk away from the property within 4 days. How? By offering the tenant the opportunity to take the apartment furnishings with him at no cost. See, the tenant had rented a furnished apartment and the landlord had plans to redecorate. The tenant left cooperatively and the landlord didn’t have to hire haulers and a dumpster to clean out the apartment.

It all goes to say that our vast experience at Blueshift assisting with contrary tenants or even criminal tenants can be helpful to your situation. Just ask us for details.

Blueshift is owned and operated by a licensed, bonded and insured Real Estate Broker. That means we have access to the MLS where homes for sale and for rent are advertised. We advertise in the MLS and on online advertising tools that have proven to net calls in on properties, Zillow.com is one. We choose only the advertising vehicles that we’ve learned work best.

Besides advertising, we post FOR RENT signs as well as email blast campaigns. We can hold Open Houses to promote your rental too.

Our goal is to get your property rented for the full value in the least amount of time to the right tenant.

Blueshift has a number of clients who reside outside the State of Colorado, our area of expertise. Many of our clients engaged our services when they moved to another region of the country for employment. Sometimes it is a long-term move and other times it can be short-term. Either way, Blueshift is ready and willing to take over your property management from A to Z.

We’ll prepare your house for showings, advertise for renters, and complete the lease paperwork using a lease that is recognized in Colorado as binding. We’ll collect rents, pay the utilities you as landlord want to pay yourself, and we’ll issue you a check monthly for rents less expenses. We’ll even auto deposit the check to your account.

In your absence, Blueshift will review the property on the weekly or monthly schedule you endorse. We will perform regular maintenance chores as needed, i.e. lawn mowing, sprinkler system turn-on and turn-off, plus snow shoveling to abide by your locale’s requirements. Additionally we will take the calls from tenants for emergency repairs using our vetted contractors and subcontractors to perform the repair at a cost and in a timeframe that most property owners can’t find. (That’s because we have long-term relationships with our preferred vendors and because we pay them promptly, they give us a discount and they give use priority attention.

Things happen. Things will happen to your home or condo or commercial building when you are unavailable to respond because you are working and or living a long distance away. Don’t’ worry. We’ll be there to cover whatever you need.

Blueshift makes the financial side of property management simple and straightforward. We accept rent payments and make payments to utilities and/or repair services. Our fees for service are a set amount each month according to the Service Level Plan you choose. We issue a check to you on the 10th of every month. We pay by ACH which means your payments are received promptly and reliably each month.

If unanticipated repairs are necessary, we rely on the services of our vetted long-term subcontractors and repair techs. Blueshift practices proactive management. When we accept a property to manage, we take a property inventory including the make, model and serial number of all in-home mechanical systems. We record where the shut-offs are and we’ve already confirmed they work. We can walk a resident with a water leak through the steps to shut off water or test the electrical box, for example.

Just having those facts at hand means that our repair techs show up with the repair parts needed vs. needing to travel to a parts store at your expense. We also have emergency remediation techs on call to thoroughly clean up after a flood, fire or any other in-home problem.

Don’t worry. Your property is in good hands with Blueshift. We treat every repair and every tenant situation as if we were protecting our own personal residences.

Of course. Blueshift has personnel that can plan and execute marketing promotions to draw attention to your apartment building. We have the ability to advertise your property in the MLS and we know what online advertising will work best for your type of apartment and your location. We also have Real Estate Agents to be your onsite leasing agents.

Our goal representing your property and your available units is to appear seamless and eliminate any hurdles. We set the bar high for our tenant application process and we thoroughly check out applicants for their rental history and ability to pay rent timely. We’re also able to staff your onsite leasing office with agents that work as your agent, not as an agent that will recommend alternate properties to interested parties. Believe us…that happens. We know the stories of disappointed property owners.

Our intention as your representative is to deliver a consistent message and constant rental rates. We don’t do whatever it takes to fill apartments with the first warm bodies that cross the threshold. Instead, we carefully vet applicants and clearly establish the culture of the building that you, the landlord, want to convey. If you intended to have your building appeal to college students, the appeal will be different than if you intended to fill your building with working professionals. We’re able to explain the culture of the lifestyle and the commitment a lease entails so that applicants are aware of policies and procedures.

We have a solid track record in new construction leasing in the Front Range market. Let us do the same for you.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITY The field of Property Management is a growing market sector in the metro Denver area. Join Blueshift and grow with us

Colorado’s population in 2019 is estimated to be 5.76 million based on the last official 2010 Census updated annually since then. The growth rate of 1.85% makes Colorado is second fastest-growing state in the country. The largest city and the state capital is Denver with more than 700,000 residents.

And every one of these inhabitants have to live somewhere.

Landlords and owners need the support of teams like Blueshift. Our focus is on genuine relationships and shared values. Our company culture is the same entrepreneurial spirit of Denver in its earliest days, back when the Gold Rush wooed pioneers to put down roots at 5280 feet altitude.

Career advancement opportunities at Blueshift make our company a place you can start and stay. Build a career with us that delivers satisfaction and reward.

We seek to bring on Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Contractors, Subcontractors, Marketing Experts, and Office Staff. Contact us today for specifics.


Increased 48 percent between 2010 and 2017. Denver's year-over-year rent growth leads the state average of 2.2 percent, as well as the national average of 0.9 percent.


Renter growth outpaced growth in home ownership in Denver between 2006 and 2016. The same is true in most major cities, according to RentCafe’s analysis of U.S. Census data.


The Denver metro area has climbed to third in the country for net absorption of office space, behind only the gateway cities of San Francisco and Midtown Manhattan, New York.


Blueshift has earned a reputation as the go-to property management company in Denver. We have a long legacy of managing single family homes, duplexes, homes converted into multi-unit residences, high-rises, residences above retail in historic Denver buildings, converted warehouses, new residential construction, commercial office space, and cell tower locations. See the properties in our management portfolio below.