The labor crunch reported earlier this year in the Denver Business Journal as hampering construction projects city-wide continues to be an issue as we close out 2018.

Finding a contractor or tradesman to make your home improvements or to make repairs can take weeks, if not months, and that’s an impossible situation to be in when it comes to urgent repairs. To circumvent delays, Blueshift has service agreements with the trades to make repairs and improvements on the properties it manages.

And we’re not paying top dollar either, explains Blueshift founder Phillip Svoboda. Blueshift is able to achieve a discount for services because of the volume of work the company passes on to the construction tradesmen managing a large volume of properties vs. a single property. That means Blueshift’s clients pay less for repairs than if a homeowner were to hire a repairman or contractor for a single project.

Things will break so the smart thing to do is to be proactive, Svoboda continues. We inventory every property including the make and model of heating, appliances, etc. We are then able to send the correct repair parts with the repairman and often complete a repair in a single trip vs. having a two trip event that obviously costs double.

Blueshift has developed systematic approaches to property management to streamline management services. The goal is to deliver the highest possible level of service in the least amount of time.

For information on how Blueshift can reduce management costs for your property, contact Phillip Svoboda today.

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