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According to the National Center for Housing Management, 54% of apartments turn over each year. Every time that happens, expenses result. Losses range from lost rent to property damage to income lost through extended vacancies.

The topmost complaint tenants claim causes them to leave a property at the end of the lease term is lack of maintenance, particularly responsive maintenance. Keeping your tenants happy by being Johnny-on-the-spot is the most effective way to retain their loyalty and continued, long-term tenancy. 

Responsiveness starts with communication. Providing tenants with phone contact information, email and text numbers for emergencies is paramount.

Having pros like the Blueshift team on call is essential.

Blueshift responds 24/7 to handle property maintenance emergencies. When Blueshift contracts to provide property management services, we proactively identify the infrastructure in a home recording the make, model etc. of the furnace, appliances, water heater, and more. We have that detail on record so that when a tenant contacts us to handle an emergency, we don’t have to start by asking the essential questions of the same.

Periodic or ongoing visits to the property are required. The frequency depends on the specific contract between you and Blueshift.

Depending on the property, Blueshift may visit the property to check the condition of the landscaping, the exterior of the property, the manner in which the tenants are keeping the property in top condition or not, and any obvious external problems that need to be fixed. Additionally, Blueshift can contract with you to inspect the interior of the property on a specific schedule.

Internal repairs will be necessary over time with any property. Repairs range from painting to plumbing to replacing parts. Attendance to repairs is particularly important with a longer term lease if the tenant is not inclined to report damage or repairs needed.

If you are one of the better landlords, you’ll stay on top of repairs yourself or you will engage a property management company to handle the repairs as you would—on a regular schedule with attendance to detailed matters. When repairs are needed, the leading property maintenance companies don’t have to go out to the property to first identify the make and model of the broken utility or appliance. We already have that on record minimizing the cost for return visits and narrowing the time it takes to make the repair. That means less cost to you, the property owner.

Few things are more frustrating for a tenant than having unaddressed maintenance requests. Being proactive and responsive with maintenance helps keep your tenant happy.

Happy means loyalty. Loyalty means long term.

Prevent losses by attending to your tenants' repair requests.

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