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In January 2018, Forbes.com predicted that 2018 could be a banner year for entrepreneurs since venture capital investment in startups had surged to its highest level ever--$148 Billion—in 2017. Factors contributing to this fertile soil include the economy, steady job growth, adjustment of the business tax code and a booming stock market.

That said, these startup businesses need a place to office. Sure, some entrepreneurs office out of their home…until they cross a certain line in the sand that inspires them to lease office space.

With office leases typically running anywhere from three years to 15 years, that’s a lot of variable. Overlay that with the fact that it usually takes 7-10 years to grow enough to support an IPO, although the median startup never becomes profitable. Most startups which raise venture capital fail within 4 years, according to Quora.com.

At Blueshift, we help our clients identify the right office space that will grow with their business as it adds members to the team. We’ll help you negotiate your lease to achieve the most favorable terms. Moreover, we are experts at construction management, giving us the ability to oversee the build-out of your new space to make it most effective and productive.

Flexible furniture is top of the list of décor that will make workers, particularly Millennials, happier as they work. Happy = productive when done right. Consider movable furniture like standup desks and stackable or rollable furniture. 

Fastcompany.com, the publication born of the concept of startups that grow and last, reported five years ago (Nov. 2013) that the cube farms of the 1980’s-1990’s are over. They’re over because they lack variety and functional simplicity. One Workplace design consultant John Ferrigan, who has worked with Silicon Valley companies large and small (including Google) to reshape work environments, says: “In my experience, what needs to happen is a layered approach, creating different settings or zones, because it’s never one-size-fits-all. There need to be spaces for those people who really need quiet to focus, whether they just find it easier to work or they’re more of an introvert. We need to provide spaces where everyone in the company, regardless of personality or role, will feel comfortable.”

For decades, Europe has led the design world for commercial and residential. One such company is Unika Vaev, a Danish company named for a eponymous textile mill. Translated, Unika Vaey means “unique weave.” Unika promotes adding a quiet space for uninterrupted work that allows employees to focus, an off-limits space when it comes to talking, taking phone calls, music, eating and more.

Set up designated call rooms with sound absorbing panels that allow team members to take a call and not disturb others. Soundproofing is key here.

Provide a variety of seating options—ergonomic of course. This is intentional to accommodate different body sizes, heights and weights.

Plan for a wireless world even though wires are still essential. Clean up the wires required in high tech offices by running the cords in overhead baskets. It makes cleaning more efficient and reduces the risk of tripping.

Finally, if your office has outdoor space, design it to provide a mental break space. You’ll get more out of your employees with this kind of convenient and adjacent space. And that’s the bottom line.

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