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Cell tower lease consulting in… - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions

Cell Tower Consulting


Cell Tower Consulting is one of Blueshift’s specialties. Blueshift founder Phillip Svoboda was responsible for the accumulation of 30 cell sites, working with property owners on the carrier side, in New Jersey.

We work with site owners, tower owners and developers, tenant partners, institutional investors, and private investors.

Services We Provide

  • Site Owners: Our advisory and analytical services are designed for site owners seeking to sell their rent stream.
  • Tower Owners and Developers: Our scope of work requires us to analyze, package, bid out and intermediate final sales to a continually changing pool of pre-vetted, well-capitalized bidders on behalf of our carrier client.
  • Tenant Partners: Blueshift offers advisory services for tower companies and wireless carriers seeking to protect their assets from predatory aggregators.
  • Institutional Investors: Our real-world, operator-level experience complements traditional investment banking perspectives for institutional and private investors seeking portfolios or individual transactions in the space.
  • Private Investors: We acquire wireless infrastructure easements/leases that provide long-term cash flows with investment-grade tenant-credit counterparties.

Our work in the sector includes:

  • New Tower Proposals
  • Lease Amendments
  • Expiring Leases
  • Lease Extensions
  • Lease Review
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Lease Buyouts
  • Cash Flow Purchase
  • Rental Stream Offers
  • Cell Site Valuations
  • Rooftop Lease Audit
  • Lease Compliance
  • Wireless Facility Reports
  • Rooftop Management
  • Strategic Consulting.

Our Other Services