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Construction management in Denver… - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions

Construction Management

The critical role of construction in property management.

Repairs, maintenance and capital improvements are essential to property management. You know that you can’t be an expert in every area of responsibility that is involved with property management. That’s why it is important to have a partner like Blueshift that you can trust and that has the experience you need to engage construction services on your behalf.

When it comes to construction in property management, a financially-sound contractor with experience in capital improvements is not just smart, but the only way to effectively oversee your investment. This role is more complicated and challenging than repairs or maintenance. It requires that your property manager have outstanding project management and communication skills.

Property management requires mastery of the processes, systems and manpower required to manage the life cycle of property from acquisition to control and accountability through responsible maintenance, utilization, and finally disposition.


Repairs are commonplace unfortunately. From sprinkler head breaks to broken windows to light fixture replacements. Whether repairs are needed due to misuse or acts of God, it’s important to have reliable repair techs on call, trusted repairmen who are familiar with the systems and fixtures used on your property. Blueshift conducts an initial inventory of the systems and fixtures when first engaged to manage your property. Because we have the make, model and serial number of these systems recorded in our database, we can contact the right repair tech the first time, every time.


Maintenance of a property must be regular if you don’t want the issues to grow into repairs. Blueshift performs regular property inspections to detail upkeep that must be done when it is first noticed. Landscaping is top on the list. Consider that the landscaping is the first impression of any visitor or resident to your property. The exterior condition is an indicator of the interior condition. Our typical residential maintenance program includes:

  • Weekly lawn mowing and edging, removal of clippings
  • Checking sprinkler system heads
  • Monthly weeding
  • Quarterly fertilization
  • Semi-annual shrub and tree trimming.

Our maintenance program doesn’t stop with landscaping. And our service is custom-tailored to suit your particular property and its specific needs.

Capital Improvements

Blueshift works closely with your architect, designer, and local regulatory officials to achieve the outcome you want from your capital investment in your property. They also have very different tax implications.

Adding air conditioning or replacing old windows with new energy-conserving ones is an example of a capital improvement. While capital improvements can make your property more desirable to potential renters and can even mean you can increase the rent rate you ask for your property.

Blueshift has a stable of fine contractors and subcontractors capable of handling every type of capital improvement you might need. We use only bonded and insured experts in the various trades. Moreover, we provide our clients with progress reports and thorough financial accounting.

When it comes time to choose a property management construction partner, choose Blueshift, the obvious choice.


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