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Expert Property Management in… - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions

Property Management


Blueshift focuses on the positives of your specific property. It’s what differentiates us from the rest. Professional property management is not disposable. It’s the single essential discipline that makes some real estate more profitable than real estate left unmanaged.

Blueshift is committed to you, our customer, and to your property. We establish a clear scope of services specifically tuned to your needs. We set start and end dates for our services and define specific action items to ensure that you and our team are on the same page.

We also promise flexibility. You can terminate the relationship when you want. Why would we do that? Because we are confident that what Blueshift delivers will make the positive difference in your property ownership experience.

If you’re not sure you need a property manager, take our Property Owner Questionnaire below:

  • When a repair is needed that requires your immediate attention—i.e., furnace not heating or plumbing leaking—how do you prefer to handle the repair?
  • Would you rather see the furnace (or plumbing) first hand and then try to figure out what the problem is yourself by searching the internet for answers?
  • Would you rather rely on a prequalified repairman to make immediate repairs?
  • Would it take you more time to diagnose the problem yourself than if you relied on an expert technician?
  • Would you prefer to hire the cheapest repair service or would you rather count on the services of a service company with proven experience fixing the type of repair needed?
  • Would you trust a property manager to assess the repair and hire a repair service to correct the problem quickly in order to avert tenant complaints that the repair is taking too long?
  • Do you understand that when a tenant has a complaint—especially inhabitability complaints like no heat—that it’s in your best interest to correct the problem as quickly as possible?
  • Are you aware that tenants who have experienced maintenance issues and delayed repairs may decide not to renew their leases at renewal time causing you lost revenues during vacancy?
  • What is the value of your time calculated on an hourly basis?

Blueshift is your relationship expert with feet on the ground

Keeping tenants satisfied is one of the most challenging aspects of a property owner. Blueshift has mastered working with owners, tenants and even other property management companies to keep tenants happy. Our property pros at Blueshift work overtime so that you, the property owner, can have your time back that you’ve lost to the demands of property management. Together, we created a scenario that’s win-win.


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