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Sectors and Specialties - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions


Blueshift distinguishes its services from other property managers by using the Whole Property Approach.

We take into account a long-term strategy for the asset, identifying optimum solutions to achieve maximum income. We establish a clear scope of services specifically tuned to your needs. We set start and end dates for our services and define specific action items to ensure that you and our team are on the same page.

We also promise flexibility. You can terminate the relationship when you want. Why would we do that? Because we are confident that what Blueshift delivers will make the positive difference in your property ownership experience.

Management – We are 24/7 so that you don’t have to be. Property ownership doesn’t have to limit your time or availability. With Blueshift as your support system, you can continue to pursue your career and have time left over to spend with your family and friends. We handle the emergencies so that you don’t have to limit your ownership. Using our services, you’re not constrained to holding real estate within arm’s reach and you’re not limited to only a few properties. Count on us to help you grow your portfolio in locales where we have management pros.

Sales Assistance – Our innovative sales model defines the repairs your property needs BEFORE you put your property on the market. We help you finance the cost of repair out of the sales proceeds vs. having to come up with cash prior to closing. This improves the scalability of your property while being sensitive to the cost of necessary repairs. The majority of real estate purchases are made on price point, location and curb appeal. We help you cover the cost of repairs that otherwise could make your property less attractive than others on the market.

Leasing – Are you considering selling, not now but sometime in the future? Need a caretaker in lieu of a sale? Are you relocating to another city or state? Have you managed tenants previously? Remote tenants? You’ve got enough on your plate if you’re changing homes, cities, and/or careers. Blueshift is positioned to act as your support system, marketing your property for rent, vetting applicants, performing background checks and assessing the repairs your property might need prior to a new tenant moving in.

Maintenance—Routine maintenance and emergency repairs are inherent in property ownership and management. From landscaping to infrastructure, Blueshift offers comprehensive services. We have a stable of repair technicians for electrical, plumbing, even IT experts for your computerized security systems and more. Our repair techs are experts in their trades. They are trained in diagnostics and have the knowledge and authority to make the repairs expediently. Our managers are thorough, detail oriented and serious about keeping your property in mint condition.

Capital Improvement—Real estate of every size is likely to need upgrades that are considered capital improvements when it comes to tax accounting. How your capital improvements are booked affect your K1 returns and your bottom line Return On Investment. It’s important to have Blueshift’s experts to guide you through the nuances of improvements needed or desired. Some improvements can position your property ahead of the competition and the comps when it comes time to sell. Rely on us to advise you to make decisions that will make your property appreciate faster or net more at the time of resale.

Blueshift is committed to you, our customer, and to your property.

Blueshift distinguishes its services from other property managers by using the Whole Property Approach.


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