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Tenant Real Estate Representation… - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions

Tenant Services


We haven’t yet met a property owner who does not want their property to be profitable, short-term with rents and long-term with appreciation. While a property manager comes with a fee, he/she can also save you money. From rent collection to regular property maintenance, someone has to be watching out for a property at all times. Blueshift has boots on the ground interfacing with tenants and handling the day-to-day issues inherent in property ownership.

Rent Collection

Collecting the rent is one of the most obvious tasks of a property manager. If that’s all property managers did, however, it would certainly be harder to justify hiring one – especially with online payment capabilities. Of course, that doesn’t mean collecting rent is easy by any means. If all of your tenants are paying their leases up font in full and you don’t mind paying a great law firm when things don’t go right, you might wait to evaluate all of the services. Yet, most real estate investors are not in that situation. Some operate in markets where it is a battle to reel in the rent every month.

Regular Property Maintenance

Surveys of real estate investors will tell you that dealing with tenant repair calls is the top reason they ultimately get out of property ownership. They tire of the midnight calls. No emergency ever happens at a convenient time. Once an owner reaches this breaking point, they either give up and sell the property or engage a professional property manager. When Blueshift enters the scene, these same property owners are known to say they should have brought Blueshift on a lot sooner.

It isn’t just about the maintenance, but about the end-to-end oversight required to keep a property in top form. Blueshift is the first responder you want working on your behalf. Savvy property owners have an agreement in place with a property manager to handle emergencies and repairs up to a certain dollar amount. And Blueshift has proven vendors on call to resolve all types of repairs. The process is streamlined and pain-free just like ongoing maintenance including:

  • Pressure washing
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Plumbing issues
  • Fixing appliances
  • Drywall patching and painting
  • Anything else a tenant expects, demands or needs.

Dealing with Defaulters

When a tenant breaks a lease, the cost to the owner can be exponential. It’s imperative to follow the legal processes when evicting a tenant for slow or no pay, for damage beyond routine wear and tear or for criminal activity. A professional property manager can save you time, stress and money.

Sourcing Tenants

Finding the right tenant is a lot more involved than posting on Craigslist. A licensed real estate property manager advertises on the MLS, the Realtor’s tool for sales and leasing. A property manager also markets the property with a sign and outreach to fellow Realtors and open houses. A manager worth his cost has built a network that’s invaluable.


Bookkeeping for most people is not the fun part of real estate acquisition and operation. But great bookkeeping and invoice handling is critical for minimizing taxes, retaining good vendors, and maintaining cash flow.

Liability Buffer

A third-party professional property management firm can buffer you, the property owner, from liability too. It’s too easy to be uninformed about the legal requirements of property ownership and landlord vs. tenant issues. Blueshift vets rental candidates with impunity. We ensure that tenant complaints are investigated and managed. We communicate with you regarding negligent maintenance providing vendors to correct issues that can become contentious. We’ve got our landlords' backs.


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