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Tenant Real Estate Representation… - Blueshift Real Estate Solutions



While the majority of tenants will say the right property is all about location, it’s really about trust. When a landlords advertises that a property is clean and a tour of the place evidences otherwise to an interested prospect, the trust is fractured. It’s like a piece of fine china. When it breaks, it might be able to be Superglued together, but it will never be the same.

If you’re going to go it alone, it takes a lot of looking, boots on the ground, gas in the tank, persistence and tenacity to find the ideal rental property. It also takes a real estate lawyer to review your lease before you sign, particularly if it’s a complex commercial space you’re renting. Even if you’re a seasoned apartment renter, you’ll want professional advice about your responsibilities when renting a single family home for the first time. Are you responsible for yard care? What’s involved in that and how much of your damage deposit could you lose if you get too busy to take proper care of the entire property? The questions are endless.

That’s where Blueshift can save you untold dollars.

We understand that renters have priorities. They seek specifics:

  • Quality school districts are foremost for families
  • Safety ranks high on all renters’ must-lists. Door locks must be working and rekeyed between tenants.
  • While parking may not be essential to younger tenants who Uber or Lyft it everywhere, no parent with kids in tow wants to park blocks away from their home after a trip to the grocery store.

There’s a lid for every pot when it comes to rentals. (And in Colorado, that can also mean restrictions on where one can imbibe their cannabis.) Forbes.com reports that “The population of U.S. adults 65 and over will more than double by 2060, reaching 98 million. That will be nearly one-quarter of the population, a number that reinforces a strong need for senior housing.” Seniors overall prefer one-level living quarters and convenience to grocery stores and pharmacies while Mymove.com reports that 8 out of 10 millennials prefer renting over buying because it’s what they can afford, they can come and go as they please, they can live where they want and the let the landlord handle the maintenance.

Blueshift listens. We meet with clients to discuss priorities and then vet the world of rentals to identify the most appropriate options available. Blueshift saves you time and negotiates on your behalf to find you the property that meets most if not all of your rental requirements.

Because Blueshift has worked the lease/rental market in the extended metro Denver market for so long, we have a pulse on landlords and their histories. What we don’t know yet, we focus on finding out in our due diligence before we spend your time even considering the property.

Our pros at Blueshift are intent on finding you the property to call home that includes what you deem important. And once the keys are handed over to you, we don’t vanish. We continue to be your resource over the term of the lease. It’s why so many of our User Occupier tenants use our service more than once and refer us to their friends and associates.


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