BEN Aerospace Engineer, Denver/Colorado Springs, CO

I hired Blueshift to manage my Denver residence when I was promoted and transferred to Colorado Springs. I could not make that commute daily, achieve what my employer expected of me in this new position and still have a family life. While I had entertained the idea of growing my financial portfolio by owning rental homes, I had never been a landlord before.

I’d heard horror stories of landlords managing their property remotely and I didn’t want to become one of those statistics. After meeting with Blueshift’s management team, I knew I had my solution.

Blueshift walked me through the process and literally walked the property. The Blueshift pros took inventory of my home’s infrastructure including the furnace type and water heater specs. They did that proactively In the case a future repair was needed, they’d already have that vital info handy.

They put together an inventory of to-do projects so that I could get top dollar for my rental vis à vis the neighborhood comps. They have painters, plumbers and more under contract to handle the tasks while my wife and I concentrated on packing up our household. Blueshift swiftly had the living room, dining room and front door painted and the carpet in the TV room cleaned. They fixed the drain stopper in the bathtub that I had put off for months and they brought in a landscape company to trim the shrubs lining the front walkway.

We got top dollar for our rental. Blueshift advertised for tenants and vetted their credit, plus we were able to use the Blueshift leasing contract that covers every possible outcome in a rental agreement for Colorado.

Because of Blueshift’s professional management, we’ve been able to build a life 100 miles away. Blueshift has made it possible for us to have a good landlord experience. We intend to grow our residential portfolio by another couple of homes under one condition: that Blueshift is our Property Manager.