Kevin RE Developer, Aurora, CO

We are developers, not property managers. So when we were four months out from getting a CO for our newest multifamily apartment building, we interviewed several property management firms. We chose Blueshift for its wide range of services, not just leasing the apartments.

Blueshift pros took the reins of marketing our apartments and held showings and open houses. Blueshift has Real Estate Brokers on its team to handle leasing contracts.

While other property management firms would brag that they’d have the entire 240 units rented out by the date of the CO, Blueshift was more conservative and frankly more thoughtful about its approach to marketing and leasing the apartments. We, ourselves, are conservative, making Blueshift the right fit culturally for us.

We are 60% occupied at this point and continue to use Blueshift for leasing services. We’ve expanded our relationship with Blueshift to cover other of our operational needs.

The fact that Blueshift has our back lets us concentrate on what we do best: develop.